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To SNS or not, that is the question!

If you follow our FB and Insta, no doubt you’ve seen our latest buzz around SNS nails and this now being available at Spirals. if you follow any other international blog im sure you’ve heard about how awesome the SNS manicure is! Read on to find out what it’s all about and is it really the healthier choice over over brands?

What is SNS?

SNS: Signature Nail system is a nail dipping technique which essentially is another form of nail enhancement. It’s a blend of adhesive resin and a modified form of acrylic powder and NOT, contrary to popular belief “Gel”. Applied well and correctly SNS is a long lasting alternative to Shellac.

In terms of process, we follow the usual process of nail dehydrating and cleaning, then moving to the SNS application: apply the resin, quick dip in the powder and repeat until the desired shape and thickness is achieved.

The beauty around SNS is that the process is very quick and simple and generally requires very little filing. This implies that SNS is the “healthier option” as the natural nail is subjected to less friction.

Why is SNS so popular?

Quite simply, it’s fast, easy and relatively fumeless (for the clients anyway) as well as it's more hard wearing than gel polish creating a stronger enhancement.

How is it removed?

Just like any other nail enhancement, SNS is removed by soaking in acetone. Basically the acetone breaks down the elements causing it to peel away quickly. Unless its really stubborn try to ensure your salon doesn’t file any product away as this can damage your natural nail.

Are there any downsides to choosing SNS?

There are always pros and cons with any nail enhancement, that’s why it’s important that your nail technician has a certified qualification within your chosen enhancement range.

Other areas that can lead to issues: leaving too long between appointments and pocket lifting that could lead to infection. Always listen to the care advice given to you and if in any doubt pop back in to see your technician.

Is there anyone who should steer clear of the trend all together?

If you like your nails super long, then SNS might not be the right choice as an acrylic would give your nail tips stronger support.

What is PowderPolish?

PowderPolish is still SNS, just CuccioPro’s brand name for their dipping system – coloured powder that leaves a polish finish – without drying time, chipping or smudging.

What is the biggest mistake that women make when it comes to causing damage to their natural nails?

Not having enough patience and using your teeth!! Yes that’s right, removing yourself with your teeth!

Should you give your nails a break?

Apparently (according to SNS), dipping for long periods of time is ok and can actually benefit the nail. With the right products, we have seen clients nails end up, stronger and prettier than before.

Fancy giving SNS a go? Book online today or call us on 04 441 8289

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